Welcome to! If you're a Producer looking for the best sounds on the net, that will make your beats go extra hard, or if you're an MC looking for beats, your definitely in the right place. Our unique high quality sound library with over 11,000 sounds is for the producer who wants to stand out from the rest. This high quality package is compatible with all production software whether you're using FL Studio, Reason, Logic, GarageBand, Sonar, ProTools etc.. The kit is also compatible with all the popular hardware out there such as the Akai MPC Series, Korg Trinity, Kurzweil K-Series, Roland Fantom Series, Yamaha A-3000, Yamaha A-5800, and Yahama Motif Series to name a few. Also the sounds are wave files so the're PC & Mac Compatible.

This Soundkit will inspire you to bang out them classic beats in no time. With over 11,000 sounds of wave files the Dolo Beats Soundkit stands out from the competition! In this kit you will find some of the hottest drum sounds from your favorite producers such as Swizz Beatz, Lex Lugar, Polo Da Don, Jahil Beatz, Kane Beatz, Shawty Redd, Drumma Boy & anyone else whos beats go HARD!  The kit includes Ethnic Sounds, Smooth Pads, High Quality Layered Synthesizers, Gun Shot Samples, Chants, Filter Sweeps, Sound Effects, the Hottest Kicks in the game, Hard Hitting 808s, Monster Bass, Orch Hits, Hi Hats, Cymbals, Crazy Snares, Claps and a whole lot more!. This will be the last soundkit you will ever need to purchase! Time to step your beat game up and take control of your production career! The price of the kit will be going up soon so get yours now for the low while we're offering it at our special low price. To make musical works of art you've gotta have the right tools. The Dolo Beats Soundkit is your Official Toolbox.
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If you’re an arists looking for beats, you can purchase some crazy hot beats
here , produced by Dolo (Once a beat is purchased, you recieve a download link & the voice tag is taken off)

Watch the Dolo Beats Soundkit video below so you can see the enormous amount of sounds you will be getting.


Dolo Beats 11,000 Sound Full Professional Soundkit In Depth Look.
Live C4 (South) $50
Pole Position (Club/Strip Club) $45
Ridin Clean (HipHip) $45
Fresh Air Muzik (HipHop) $45
Laughin At U (South/New School) $45
Wi Comin Fa Yu (Club) $45
Destined For Greatness (HipHop) $50
Waiting For Love (HipHop) $45
Still Dreaming (HipHop/South) $50
88 Flav (Club/HipHop) $45
Reminiscence Of Life (With Hook) HipHop
Reminiscence Of Life (Without Hook)(HipHop)
Illusionz (HipHop/Alternative) $50
Back Again!!! (HipHop) $45
What Else Can I Do (HipHop) $45
Take Em To War (South/Club) $50
Substance (HipHop) $50
Tru Luv (HipHop) $45
Tippin (Club) $50
Holdin You Down (HipHop) $45
Sounds Of Victory (HipHop) $45
Circles Of Smoke (HipHop) $55
Fatal Attractions (RnB) $45
Soldier (South/Club) $50
Danger Zone (South) $50
Hangem (South/Club) $50
Never Ending Stories (HIpHop) $45
Fantasy Kush (HipHop) $45
The Kill Switch (HipHop)
A New Day (HIpHop ) $50
After Party (HipHop/Club) $45
Baby Girl (RnB) (HipHop) $45
Too Bad (HipHop) $45
Space (New School) $55
Twilight (HipHop) $45
The Stage (HipHop) $45
Man Up (Club)
Epic Brigade (Hip Hop) $45
Play Time (New School) $50
Gentlemans Club (HipHop) $40
Ride N Sip (Club) $50
Hard Bang (Club) $45
Chill Mode (Club) $55
Heat Rock (Club) $45
Passion (RnB) $40
Warrior (HipHop) $45
Never Again (HipHop) $60
Problems (HipHop) $50
Still Grindin (South) $65
Gotta Make It (South) $60
That Knock (HipHop) $45
Good Ole Days (HipHop) $45
Love (RnB) $45
Deception (RnB) $50
Pressure (HipHop) $60
The Cypher (HipHop) $45
Heartfelt (HipHop) $45
Loungin (South) $50
Drop (Club) $50
Bumpin (Club) $45
Swag (Club) $45
Hard Times (Hip Hop) $50
We Aint Playin (HipHop) $45
Flames (HipHop) $45
R.I.P. (HopHop) $45
So Soulful (HipHop) $45
Inspiration (HipHop) $45
Swangin (South) $50
Boiling Point (South) $55
Classy Flow (HipHop) $45
U Gotta Move (Club)
Mind Blown (HipHop) $50
Im Fresher Than U (South) $ 45
Im Open (RnB) $55
Heater (HipHop) $45
Monster (Club) $45
Crys Of Joy (HipHop) $45
Miami Ballin (South) $45
Head Knod (HipHop) $45
New Money (New School) $45
Zoned Out (New School) $45
Wild Extacy (Club) $45
Exotic Melodic (HipHop) $45
I Stay Fresh (South) $50
Blazin (HipHop) $45
Sexxy (RnB) $45
Mistik (Club) $50
Pop Quiz (Club) $45
Celebration (HipHop) $45
Vibez (RnB) $45
Emotions (RnB) $45